While the 2018 volcanic eruption has ended, there are a few notable changes to our beautiful island.  Hawaii Volcano National Park has seen it’s fair share of those changes.  A few of the parks once popular attractions remain closed, but many of their one of a kind hiking trails are open. There’s a little something for everyone if you’re looking to experience what this special place has to offer.  The open trails range from easy to challenging. No matter if you’re a solo, intrepid, adventurer, or a family of all ages and abilities, you can all enjoy the national park.

Some of the Trails open in 2020

  • Ha`akulamanu (Sulphur Banks)
    • Difficulty: Easy wooden plank and groomed dirt path, 1.2 miles
  • Halema`uma`u Trail
    • Difficulty: Moderate, 1.8 miles
  • Kilauea Iki Trail
    • Difficulty: Moderate-Challenging (steep/rocky descent and ascent) 4 miles
  • Devastation Trail
    • Difficulty- Easy paved with minimal elevation changes, 1 mile- wheelchair & stroller accessible
  • Pu`u Loa Petroglyphs
    • Difficulty – Easy – From the pullout parking area it is a 0.7-mile walk over a gently undulating pahoehoe lava bedrock trail to reach the boardwalk at Pu`u Loa.
  • Halape
    • Difficulty: Challenging – from Mau Loa o Mauna Ulu via the Keauhou Trail –  9.2 miles (accessed via Chain of Craters Road) from Hilina Pali Overlook via the Hilina Pali Trail – 8.0 miles (accessed via Hilina Pali Road – currently closed so add an additional 5 mile paved walk from the nearest parking), Pu`u Loa via the Puna Coast Trail – 11.3 miles (accessed via Chain of Craters Road). Expect to have minimal markers and be experienced before attempting this hike.
  • Crater Rim Trail
    • Dfficulty: Easy- accessible from multiple points along Crater Rim Drive Entire trail is about 7 miles paralleling Crater Rim Drive
  • Mauna Loa Summit Trail
    • Difficultly: Extremely Advanced due to the elevation we recommend only attempting this with a guide. You may contact Hawaii Mountain Running for a trail guide in Volcano.
  • Ke`anakako`i
    • Difficulty: Easy- 2 routes to take, one is 0.7 miles, one is 0.8 miles
  • Kipukapuaulu (Bird Park)
    • Difficulty: Easy- 1 mile loop (located off Highway 11, south of main park entrance)

What to expect

Each of these trails is unique in their own way and will take you through a few of the different landscapes found in Hawaii.  Our tropical weather can change rapidly, and it’s generally a good idea to prepare for the unexpected.  Bringing a hat/sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing will help set you up for success.  Rain gear is always a good idea, especially on the windward (East) side of the island.  Many areas of Hawaii Volcano National park are locate at around 4000 feet in elevation and that means it can get chilly, so plan accordingly.  Staying hydrated is essential on day hikes, so bring some water or a bottle you can fill at the national park.  There are a few places in Volcano Village you can stop off for snacks, or a pre/post hike meal.

You can find full descriptions of these hikes here.

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