Volunteer Handbook

Workaway & HelpX & WorldPackers

 Welcome to Volcano Inn

         Thank you for reaching out! We do have a work trade program here at Volcano Inn. Here is more information about volunteering with us: We have a one-month and half minimum stay requirement, longer is preferred.

For the next several weeks/months you will be participating in a work and cultural exchange (unpaid program). Please sign your work exchange agreement. Also read through this handbook during your downtime to ensure a successful stay here at Volcano Inn.

 About Us

         We are an independently owned and operated Hotel doing business since 1989. We operate on two separate properties comprising of 22 rooms on approximately 5 acres of landscaped jungle. You will be called upon to help in quite a few different work groups, depending on our daily needs. It is our hope that you are able to learn new skills as well as utilize existing ones, as you become a part of our Volcano Inn Ohana. It should not take long before you notice that we do things a little differently here at Hotel Volcano Inn. 

 Mission Statement

         Our mission at Volcano Inn is to consistently maintain the highest standard of cleanliness while simultaneously providing our guests with the most affordable accommodation in Volcano Village. 

 Environmental Statement

At Volcano Inn we have gone to great lengths to minimize our impact on our surrounding environment. Both properties were hand cleared and much of that lumber was used in the construction of the buildings. A majority of our buildings are built equip with an electrical key that keeps power consumption to a minimum. All water used by the Inn is collected into catchment tanks from rainfall and during droughts we pay to have water trucked in and delivered. Solar is utilized as much as possible in addition to on-grid electric. Please keep this mind during your stay, and do your best to conserve our precious resources. 


         We ask that you deposit $40. The deposit will be returned to you upon check-out. Deposit will NOT be refunded for any reason: if fired (relationship issues, bring trouble to hotel), quitting early (different date that you sent in the email with the contract below) or family emergency, etc.

Use only the linens provided to you by management (if you do not have your own), these are yours throughout your stay. Please check with housekeepers before doing laundry, DO NO do your own laundry before being trained on the proper use of our specialized machines. 

This offer for position is good for 5 days, then we may offer the position to other candidates.

Please after we confirm that you have been accepted, send the flight ticket within 15 days. If this does not occur your application can be canceled automatically.

House Rules

Our guests want privacy and respect. 

  1. Consideration for our guests should be observed at all times. Please allow them the right of way, if they engage you be courteous, give them priority over the bathroom and common areas especially during breakfast hours (7:00am-9:00am). Please do not use the general bathroom from between 6:00am and 9:30am (just use in your room). Please be mindful of your attire, we require that you be in appropriate dress when interacting with our guests.
  2. QUIET hours are to be observed between 7:00pm and 8:00am especially in the main house and common areas. There will be no use of laundry facilities during these hours. 
  3. There will be a refrigerator in your room, please label the plastic bag with your name. There is a stoven with a small prep area, cooking utensils, and a large sink in the ironing room. [Please refrain from frying or any other method that produces a lot of airborne food messes] Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight and clean up after yourself. Your shared areas and room are subject to inspection by Hotel Volcano Inn management at any time. Also to prevent someone else from eating your food it is recommended that you label your items. 
  4. Due to the nature of our business we ask that you be flexible in the manner at which we receive our 25/30 hours/week. Generally you will be working from 9/9:30am to 3/3:30pm however that can change based on weather, volume, and need. For hostess will be working from 5:45 to 11/11:30  If you need specific time off please let us know as soon as possible, a minimum of 48 hours prior to taking the time off, this way we can prepare accordingly. In the case of a staff emergency you may be asked to fill in and we appreciate your cooperation in times of urgency. 
  5. Volcano Inn is a NON-SMOKING/DRUG-FREE establishment. Smoking on the property and especially in any of the rooms will absolutely not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  6. Always keep in mind the perception of our guests, this includes noise, smell, and appearance. Behavior that interferes with the success of business will not be tolerated. 
  7. Please be considerate, if you have questions ask, we want you to feel at home.
  8. NO speaking in the room after 10 PM if other volunteers are sleeping.
  9. NO lights on in the volunteer room after 10 PM.
  10. NO  clothes on the floor or other utensils scattered and disorganized around the room.
  11. NO changing clothes inside the room (only bathroom).
  12. NO talking to office staff during work (the office is small and if some people on the phone and another talk together will be terrible).
  13. NO entering the main kitchen or using utensils/dishes from there (hostess can enter for work only between 5:30am to 11am).
  14. NO wearing of inappropriate clothing ( Please dress modestly and appropriately for work).
  15. NO coming up before 9 am into the breakfast room (except for hostess shifts and help us).

And remeber we not provide foods. Only continental breakfast.

 Volunteer Work

         Daily work here at Volcano Inn will depend on what is needed for that day. Work at Volcano Inn can range, covering anything related to a B&B which includes (but is not limited to): baking/breakfast prep & clean up, hostessing, yard work, office work, cleaning, office help, check-ins, laundry, ETC.

         You will be trained to work in the following areas:

  • Landscaping
  • Hostess (breakfast service)
  • Housekeeping and Detailing
  • Clerical/Office work
  • Marketing/ Social Media     
  • Other – what are your skills/interests?

If you think you would be a good match at our in Volcano, Hawai’i, let us know!

  Also, let us know if you have any other questions! We look forward to hearing back from you!

Before You Leave

         Please use your final volunteer day to detail your bedroom or bed and surrounding area and the bathroom if necessary for the next work exchange helper/s.

Bus Schedule

         Hilo x Volcano / Volcano x Hilo (click for check)  – $2


         If you have positive or negative feedback you would love to discuss with you before you leave. We would hate to end things on a bad note. Otherwise we appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. We love to write positive reviews for all of our helpers, but you must earn it!

         Thank you for spending time with us on our little slice of paradise. Keep in touch and we hope to meet again someday.


                                 Volcano Inn Volunteers Program



Press ‘reply’ and answer IN ALL CAPS, next to the question to keep all your answers together on ONE EMAIL

SEND TO: info@volcanoinnhawaii.com (to Ron Ober)


  1. Why would you want to volunteer for free stay instead of a paying job?


  1. How do you plan to handle the $40 deposit required (refunded after The program completion) and expenses like food, alcohol, etc?


  1. We all live in a 6 employee dorm – how does that suit you?


  1. Are there any hours you are unavailable to work or any limitations. That would inhibit (physical / learning / dyslexia / etc)?


  1. Most staff are college age, how do you think you will fit in and why?


  1. How long did you stay at your last 2 jobs and why did you leave? (answers need to match what employers say when called for reference).


  1. We will need to run a criminal background check. Other than minor Traffic violations, what will be on there?(professionally, this answer needs to match what is found on the



First name:

Last name:

Citizenship (country on your passport):


Date you can start:

For how long:


Where are you now (country/city):

What is your current living situation (your house /

Hotel / traveling in hostels / etc):

Special skills (i.t., etc):

Phone number:

Facebook profile link:


English level 1-4 (do not exaggerate):

1 – you are beginning & need to ask ‘what?’ frequently in communication
2 – you understand most communication almost never needing to ask ‘what’
3 – not native speaker, but can understand many accents and people. Speaking quickly on the phone with noise distractions
4 – native speaker or sound like a native speaker


AGREEMENT (here you will sign if Agree the terms above)


I  ______________________ (Work Exchange via Worldpackers/Workaway/HelpX) 

 I read the terms above and I agree.

Plan to stay at Volcano Inn from     ____/____/____ until ____/____/____. 

If I would like to extend I will notify Volcano Inn by ____/____/____

During this time I understand that I am responsible for keeping my room, all common facilities, and provided amenities neat and clean.


  • I will not hold Volcano Inn or it’s partners responsible for any injury or other related complications received while staying or helping in and around the Inn.   
  • I will be responsible for my own belongings Volcano Inn accepts NO responsibility for misplaced items.  
  • I will treat Volcano Inn property, staff, my fellow work exchangers and especially guests with care and respect. I will do NO harm! 
  • I will read through the provided handbook and training materials [any questions, please ask]. 
  • I will follow posted notices and verbal instructions to the best of my ability and take pride in my work. 
  • I will ask the appropriate staff member for guidance for tasks and in areas where I am not sure what to do. 
  • We are a DRAMA FREE workplace.


Signature: (you will sign in the office )    Date: ______________

 Please stay safe and make sure to have fun.