Activities in Volcano Village | Hotel Volcano Inn

One of the most commonly asked questions our staff gets is “What can I do besides the national park activites inside Volcano Village?”

So we decided to poll our staff for what they do in the village, when they aren’t playing in the National Park or serving guests here at Volcano Inn.

The Lili House Farm popped up as a number one way to entertain friends with kids  Click Here With a farm tour, petting zoo, and delicious baked goods, as trip to the Lili House farm is both a culinary and educational experience for all ages.

Another popular experience was a Wine or local Tea tasting at our Local Volcano Winery. Open Every day except Christmas, the local winery offers educational walks around the property, great artwork, and great snacks to boot. Click Here

Volcano Garden Arts, next door to our main property is a faboulous find. From a delicious location for a lunch, to browsing a gorgeous gallery of local artists, you may find yourself lucky enough to bump into the owner Ira Ono, who is a local gem himself. Click Here

If you fancy yourself a creator or collector of art, another must stop place is the Volcano Art Center, a lovely non profit that focusing on fusing the community with art of all sorts. They often offer classes, free events, music, hula, performances, and movie nights. Click Here