Sunset In Heaven: Mauna Kea Summit Sunset

If you haven’t been to the Mauna Kea summit for sunset or sunrise, you’re missing out! I have seen sunset on the Kona side. I have seen sunset in Portugal, Italy & Thailand, yet Mauna Kea has the best sunset I have ever seen in my life.

Sunset Above The Clouds

mauna kea summit

mauna kea summit sunset

How To Get There & What You Need:

You will need a 4WD to get to the Mauna Kea summit to watch the sunset.

Take the Mauna Kea access road, you will first stop by the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Center to get a safety debrief by one of the staffs. They also provide hot water at the visitor center. The visitor center is at an altitude of 9,200ft, so you might want to spend some time there to get used to the high elevation before driving all the way to the summit, which is about 13,800ft. It’s cold at the top, so bring layers to dress warmly.

It’s Also About The Process

You might think you need to get to the summit in order to see the spectacular view, but that’s not the case with Mauna Kea. As you drive from the visitor center to the summit, you will overlook the clouds below you. The view is as magnificent as the summit top. Put on music and enjoy the ride.

mauna kea above clouds

mauna kea above clouds

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