Why You Should Visit The Big Island?

Big island is largest Hawaiian Island. Its size is larger than all the other Hawaiian islands combined. Because of that, it offers a great variety of spectacular attractions that are hard to find elsewhere. Big island has 10 of the 14 climate zones in the world. That means you can experience sunshine, rains and sometimes snow all in one day depends on where you go.

On the big island, you have beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls and mountains all in one island. In this post, we will briefly talk about the unique attractions that you can do on the big island that are hard to find elsewhere in the world.


#1. Lava tube

What is a lava tube? Basically, a lava tube is a tube made of hardened lava. As you step inside a lava tube, it feels like you’re walking in a tunnel, except it’s made out of lava. Once upon a time, active lava flowed through the lava tube. One lava tube or lava cave that we recommend to check out on the Big Island is: Kaumana Lava Tube. You can find out more here.

Exiting Kaumana Lava Tube


#2. Black sand beach

Once I was sitting in the airport shuttle in Oahu. We all just got off the plane and was heading to our hotels. One of the guys asked the shuttle driver, “Where’s the black sand beach?” The driver said, “It’s on the Big Island. You’re on the wrong island bro.”

Yep, Black sand beach is world-class famous and if you want to see one when you come to Hawaii, you need to get yourself to the Big Island. The Big Island has a lot of black sand beaches. You easily find one around the island but the most famous one is the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. You can learn more about that in this post: Punaluu Black Sand Beach.

A day at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach


#3. Green Sand Beach

You’ve probably heard this but in case you haven’t, there’re only 4 green sand beaches in the world and one of them is here on the Big Island. It takes a rare special type of volcanic eruption to make a green sand beach. We invite you to read about our green sand beach experience.

Chilling at the Green Sand beach


#4. Volcanoes

Big island is actually famous for its Volcanoes. There are 5 Volcano Mountains on the island. Number 1 is Kilauea. Up until recently, Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world. Number 2 is Mauna Kea. Counting from seafloor level, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world. When you get to the Mauna Kea summit to view the sunset, you will be standing above the cloud. We invite you to read: Sunset in heaven (Mauna Kea summit sunset). Another famous volcano on the island is Manua Loa, which is also the largest volcano on the island. When you come to the Big Island, make sure to check at least one out.

Mauna Kea


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